Hunts Point/Yarrow Point

Hunts Point and Yarrow Point are located on a small peninsulas surrounded by Lake Washington.

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Hunts Point and  Yarrow Point are located on a small peninsula surrounded by Lake Washington just north of the 520 floating bridge and just east of Evergreen Point, Medina. The points offer some of the most exclusive and valuable real estates in the region, along with Clyde Hill and Medina to the South. The major cities of Kirkland (to the North) and Bellevue (to the east) offer significant employment meccas in the region. With a population of only 500 people, Hunts Point is one of the smallest municipalities in Western Washington. Yarrow Point with about 400 homes on 231 acres has an estimated population of 1,000 residents. Evergreen Point is part of Medina, which has fewer than 3,000 residents in its city.

Well protected, and yet in immediate proximity to Seattle and the Eastside, make this region a highly desirable place to live. Residents enjoy unsurpassed access to Lake Washington and the activities and vistas that waterfront living offers. Local residents of Medina, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, and Yarrow Point enjoy first-rate shopping and top-notch restaurants in the nearby city of Bellevue‘s downtown core.

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