Hostess Gifting All Wrapped Up

November 15, 2018

Making a house a home is all about the uniqueness that you bring to it – the things that only you do, that only you have, put together in a way that is different from everyone else. Putting your spin on everything that goes in and out of your home is what makes it yours. Hostess gifting is no different, do something that is uniquely yours.
Taking wine to a dinner party is the standard move. Gracious indeed, but standard. What better time to have a little more fun with hostess gifting than the most festive time of year. So many hosts and hostesses welcoming us into their homes, let’s show them the love right back.
I spent the last couple of days browsing darling shops on Old Main on the east side of the lake and Madison Valley on the west side.
As I wandered, I knew consumable gifts are my favorite to give and all packaging must be beautifully done.
Bellevue, Stop One: Hedge & Vine
Holy Moly. This darling shop has everything I will ever need for every host from now until the end of time. They also have every wedding, baby shower, birthday, Father’s day, graduation, and Groundhogs Day gift.
I found: Two dishtowels. One makes me smile, the other makes me laugh.
Bellevue, Stop Two: Fran’s Chocolates
I found: Sea salt caramels and Port. If your host has not tried this after-dinner combination before they will never forget that you were the one that introduced them.
Bellevue, Stop Three: glassybaby
I found: Tradition (red) and Celebrate (white)
The glassybaby story is as inspiring as each piece of blown glass is striking. With so many colors and so much meaning behind them, there is most definitely a glassybaby (or 20) for everyone.
Seattle, Stop One: Salt House Mercantile
I could live in this shop. The sights and the smells. Perfection.
I found: Cloud Cookies - Part crispy meringue, part chewy macaroon, and wholly ethereal. The packaging is just right, almost too beautiful to open actually.
Seattle, Stop Two: Marine Area 7
I found: Jane Domestic suede oven mitt. Jane happens to be a friend and I happen to love her products. The suede oven mitt and denim apron are staples in my kitchen. Both functional and pretty.
Just a few more thoughts… rather than a gift tag, use a metallic Sharpie and write a quick note to your host right on the bottle. No need to bundle the gifts in one package, instead use a coordinating bow to visually tie them together.
Take an hour and wander one of these local streets. While you're there, pick up a handful of gifts, and you'll be set to charm your hosts all season long. Enjoy!

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