Gift Wrapping Simply Done

December 17, 2018

The supplies I collected are rustic and natural – a few purchased, most repurposed.
City Peoples in Madison Valley had some paper. Paper Source in Bellevue had some ribbon. The rest was pulled together from cast-off ornaments, leftover gingerbread decorating supplies, and clipped from the yard. So with paper, twine, twigs, and a few discarded items let’s see what we can do…
If you begin with supplies that are coordinated the amount of mixing and matching is endless.
The little wreath was made with a single branch bent into a circle and then wrapped in twine. 
Anything from antlers from a broken ornament to a cookie cutter can be tied to the top. 
A variety of stickers work great for monogramming the gifts with the initials of the recipient.
The color of this candle was just too perfect to hide behind the paper, it had to be left naked.
Coordinated supplies also make for one very pulled-together pile under the tree! 
Pour a drink, turn up the music.. those are musts for late-night wrapping.

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