ERH Top Tips to Getting Your Home Ready to List

February 6, 2019

1: Simplify your palette. Be easy on the eye with neutrals that bring a sense of calm. They will also display cleaner than a busy selection of colors. 2: Remove taste-sensitive and personal items. 3: Paint a fresh coat on any surface that needs it.
4: Spruce your curb appeal for the most inviting first impression. Paint the door, plant pots, and lay out a fresh doormat.
5: Clean windows inside and out. Don't underestimate this ever-important task, everything is brighter with clean windows. 
6: Declutter surfaces, closets, and cabinets. Make it look like you have more storage than you even need. As a general rule, pack and remove 60% of your items. 7: Magic Erasers on every piece of trim and fixture will do wonders! It won't replace the need for a fresh coat of paint in all areas but in most cases, it'll do the trick. 8: Lighting citrus candles brings in a fresh scent but opening all the windows and bringing in fresh air is even better! 9: Clean carpets and refinish or buff hardwoods.
Start now, just remember that according to Terry Guillemets... "Clutter smothers. Simplicity breathes."... We could not agree more!

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