Attack the Pack

July 3, 2019


Before you bubble-wrap your first piece of china be sure to create a timeline for your move. With so many key dates to hit, a guide to help you through the process is priceless. This timeline will be your best bet against avoiding the rookie mistake of having mulch blown in the day after you wash your windows.



With people constantly on the move, finding a neighbor with almost new moving boxes is a great option.
Posting a note to Craigslist or Nextdoor is a simple (and free!) way to get the boxes you need. Once you've finished unpacking after your move just post again to offer them up to the next neighbor in need.
UHaul has a great tool to link people with boxes locally as well. Simply enter your zip code to see if anyone has what you need.
If new is what you want try Uline, they'll deliver sparkly clean boxes the next day to most locations.


There is nothing that screams "I am an adult" more than hiring a mover. If buying pizza and beer for anyone that will show up to help move boxes is a thing of the past for you, this is the list you need:
  • Gentle Giant is not cheap but they also do not disappoint.
  • Neighbors Moving is also a great option, definitely worth getting a quote from them.
  • Dolly is the answer if you want to move what you can then bring them in to move those last few big items.



Well, you're in luck, we have so much more! In some moves, packing and lifting are just a small part of the process.
Getting a house ready to sell often involves a gardener spreading mulch, a window washer squeegee-ing inside and out, and a painter brushing a fresh coat on the front door. The list can be long, but we have sources for all of this.
Never hesitate to reach out, we are always happy to help no matter where you are in the process.
Happy packing!

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