A Deep Dive Into What Referring Entails

September 9, 2019

Recently I was told that the husband and wife cleaning service I use and refer to often attributes their success to my consistent referral stream. Grace was asked by a past client of mine how she gets so many houses to clean and she got emotional while saying, "Emily has changed my life." As you can imagine this was incredibly touching and I started to reflect on how equally grateful I am for them and what it truly means to refer someone to a friend, acquaintance, or client.
We live in a world of online reviews, I basically need them to keep my business going. I believe because as a society we are consistently asked to review our experiences, we become less and less open to passing along recommendations... What if their services are inconsistent? How will they make me look?

You see, I don't hesitate to recommend this cleaning service because I know they provide consistent service, are 100% trustworthy, and always make me, as the referrer, look good. They also consistently report back that my referrals are happy and well cared for. I may have changed their lives, but having them as a trustworthy resource and frankly part of my team is equally as beneficial to me and my business.
So where am I going with this... I am proud that my business is nearly 100% referral based. Passing cards at networking events or social gatherings is frankly not my style as a true - passive - Seattleite. If I was more sly with this sales tactic I surely would have more transactions but like everything in life, I believe you have to work in an authentic fashion.
I pride myself on having a strong referral stream that supports my business and family. Like my cleaners, this stream of business has changed my life for the better. I treat every referral that comes my way with the utmost importance because I fully understand my past client/friend/acquaintance put themselves in a vulnerable place by passing along my information. I make it a priority to update the referrer, letting them know how things are going, they never have to wonder if I am doing a good job or not, and they receive the utmost gratitude from this lady right here - just like my cleaners.
So, I know you are wondering if you can have the number of this wonderful cleaning service - of course, please contact me anytime! I have a slew of home-related vendors I am happy to recommend. I don't have a home vendor list published publicly because I keep tabs on them, request feedback, and make sure they would treat YOU with the same level of service that I provide. Just keep in mind, that my contact information is plastered all over the internet and here on my website, never hesitate to connect for a home-related referral, and please don't delay when passing my information along with my information to someone with home buying or selling needs.  
With gratitude always,

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