5 Design Trends Making a Comeback This Year

March 30, 2022

Post Modern

Unlike the bright colors and bold patterns of the 80s, this new trend is brought into the modern era with more mild and muted designs. Characterized by curved furniture and sculptural pieces, it's one answer to the long popular mid-century modern decor that's dominated home design over the last decade.

Sunken Living Rooms

Sunken living rooms first emerged in the 50s and remained popular into the 70s. Today, we're spending more time at home and are rediscovering the intimacy created from a sunken sitting area. They encourage conversation and make watching a movie or gazing at a fire place that much more comfortable.

Colorful Kitchens

Gone are the stark white kitchens we've been seeing so much of these last few years! Colorful cabinets and kitchen islands are being requested from designers this year, with colors like tangerine and green being favored. Colorful appliances are also surging in popularity, adding a fun, retro vibe to so many remodels.

Beige and Brown

For the past few years, cooler neutral tones have dominated interior design. The grays and whites of yesterday have been edged out by a desire for warm and cozy neutrals like beige and brown. Brown is an easy color to layer in a design plan - antique wood furniture pieces and brown leather are popular ways to add warmth and depth to a space.


Maximalism is having a moment. This design style celebrates whimsy and the element of fun - bold patterns, bright colors, trinkets on display from travels abroad, a mix of art... the only rule with this trend, is that your home should bring you joy!

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